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Discover The Top 5 HST Mistakes Auditors Find
     John D. McQuarrie

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At John Douglas Business Solutions we prefer to find some savings opportunities for your Company but there is some value in knowing the unknown; that is, identifying any unknown liabilities that exist in your business.

For your protection, we work on a confidential and privileged basis only.  The report we provide to you is only in draft form.

The contents of the report would be gathered from an initial review of how some of your HST accounting practices mirror those required by the Excise Tax Act.

Basically, we would be providing you with a report that outlines some areas of concern which are up to you to decide whether they are worthy of following up on.

Information is power.  Be prepared in case of an audit.  The report is for your eyes only.

Please take advantage of this free, time-limited, risk-free opportunity to better understand whether you are exposed to HST liabilities without fully understanding the complexities of the Excise Tax Act – a challenge for even the most experienced tax specialist.

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