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Discover The Top 5 HST Mistakes Auditors Find
     John D. McQuarrie

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Tax Recovery

What are “Tax Recovery” Services?

The primary service that we offer is to discover and then to recover taxes that you are entitled to recoup but which were missed, for one reason or another? A foregone opportunity represents taxes overpaid. We identify those opportunities, discuss them with you and ensure you get them back without any risk.


We provide a range of accounting services from basic bookkeeping services to yearend financial statement preparation and everything in between including filing HST returns, preparing bank reconciliations and analyzing and reporting on financial results.

HST Consulting

Practical, technical knowledge has been secured through a wide variety of industry assignments, each bringing with it a need to adapt to new scenarios utilizing a unique set of skills.

We provide a range of consulting services including:
  • due diligence work,
  • contract review,
  • investigative work,
  • issue-specific consulting and
  • project -specific assignments.

Audit Defense

Our company manages, advises and prepares you for an audit.  Your time is better spent doing what you do best – managing the business.

Do’s and Don’ts (and You Don’t Need the Stress!)

There are so many little things that can send an audit in the wrong direction.  Do you know your rights? How many years? Did you commit to something even before getting in touch with an advisor? What did you say?    Did you sign anything? Who has the authority to provide answers to the auditor? Are they binding?

Income Tax Peparation

Most tax practitioners can follow the prior year’s file and fill in the blanks within a software package which does the bulk of the work.

We do more than that

We believe that a thorough understanding of the activities of the business and the transactions embedded in all of the detail form an important part of the end product – the tax return itself. Without such an understanding of your business, a tax return is merely a necessary evil – a filing requirement that everyone dreads.  We don’t dread preparing income tax returns.  We view the opportunity to prepare the returns as a challenge to ensure all of the deductions are claimed at the most advantageous time and all of the credits are identified and utilized in timely manner.

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