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Discover The Top 5 HST Mistakes Auditors Find
     John D. McQuarrie

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“A Reliable Alternative”

A Trusted Advisor at a Fair Price.


The foundation of any specialized business services offering is sound accounting knowledge. We have over 30 years of practical experience in utilizing a whole host of software applications.

Our Services?

We provide a range of accounting services from basic bookkeeping services to yearend financial statement preparation and everything in between including filing HST returns, preparing bank reconciliations and analyzing and reporting on financial results.

Our fees? (“The Price of Comfort”)

Our fees are competitive and they are typically less than you would be quoted elsewhere due to our lower overhead costs.  Ask us for a quote.  Rather than merely stating an amount per hour, it would be more helpful to you for us to understand the volume of activity and other expectations before doing so. It is, of course, more than the “rate” that counts.  It is about professionalism: efficiency, accuracy, reliability and integrity. We provide you with peace of mind so that you can focus on your business.

More Than Accounting

Our Company is different than any other accounting service.  It’s not all about doing the basics (unless that is all you want).   We take the time to ensure you receive exactly what you want to receive and that you only pay for what you want.  We want to understand your business well enough to offer practical advice as part of the service.  If desired, we can be a sounding board for you.  Talk with us. Ask us questions. If we have something to offer, then we will gladly have that conversation.  And, if we do not have anything to suggest, we will say so and not waste your time.  We are there for you for the little things and the issues that really matter.

Why use John Douglas?

We offer a blend of services.  We will not turn a blind eye to an issue merely because it is not within the scope of the service we are being paid for. Our experience allows us to see things that less experienced accountants would not see.  Most importantly, please review our Mission Statement.  It reflects who we are and what values we embrace:  integrity and reliability – a trusted advisor at a fair price.

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