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Ontario HST Consulting Services


Practical, technical knowledge has been secured through a wide variety of industry assignments, each bringing with it a need to adapt to new scenarios utilizing a unique set of HST tax consulting skills.


Our Services?

We provide a range of consulting services including:

  • due diligence work,
  • contract review,
  • investigative work,
  • issue-specific consulting and
  • project -specific assignments.


Our fees?

Our fees are competitive but they are typically less than you would be quoted elsewhere due to our lower overhead costs.  Ask us for a quote.   It is, of course, more than the “rate” that counts.  It is about professionalism: efficiency, accuracy, reliability and integrity.   Most importantly, it is about the clarity of the assignment.  We take the time to ensure you receive exactly what you want to receive and that you only pay for what you asked us to do.


More Than Consulting (“It’s all about adding value”)

We tap in to numerous resources in order to provide you with exactly what you need. Most importantly, our services are “value-added,” based on the clarity and our comprehension of the assignment.

We have developed issues lists, questions to ask, areas to investigate.  Our experience tells us that without a thorough understanding of the facts and the “ask”, we cannot deliver a proper product or report.  This type of work is not routine.   We want to understand your assignment well enough to add value to your organization.


Why use John Douglas?

We offer a blend of services.  We will not turn a blind eye to an issue merely because it is not within the scope of the service we are being paid for. Our experience allows us to see things that less experienced accountants would not see.  Most importantly, please review our Mission Statement.  It reflects who we are and what values we embrace:  integrity and reliability – a trusted advisor at a fair price.

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