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A Necessary Evil without a Devilish Price


Our company prepares both personal and corporate income tax returns.

Our Range of Services

Most tax practitioners can follow the prior year’s file and fill in the blanks within a software package which does the bulk of the work.

We do more than that.

We believe that a thorough understanding of the activities of the business and the transactions embedded in all of the detail form an important part of the end product – the tax return itself.  Without such an understanding of your business, a tax return is merely a necessary evil – a filing requirement that everyone dreads.  We don’t dread preparing income tax returns.  We view the opportunity to prepare the returns as a challenge to ensure all of the deductions are claimed at the most advantageous time and all of the credits are identified and utilized in timely manner.

More Than Tax Return Preparation (Year End Financial Statements)

A tax return can only be prepared with a proper understanding of the numbers behind the financial results.

Often, we combine the process of preparing the year end financial statements as a integral part of the income tax return preparation process. This combined function makes the tax return preparation much more efficient, accurate and effective.  Fewer questions are asked. More supportable tax returns are produced.

Our fees? (“The Price of Comfort”)

Our fees are competitive and they are typically less than you would be quoted elsewhere due to our lower overhead costs.  Ask us for a quote.  Rather than merely stating an amount per hour, it would be more helpful to you for us to understand the volume of activity and other expectations before doing so. It is, of course, more than the “rate” that counts.  It is about professionalism: efficiency, accuracy, reliability and integrity. We provide you with peace of mind so that you can focus on your business.

Why use John Douglas?

We offer a blend of services: year end financial statement preparation followed by income tax return preparation.  Why wait until 6 months after fiscal year end to submit your tax returns.  The information is fresher in everyone’s minds and the audit statute comes that much sooner. Payments should be based on the actual tax return, not on an estimate and then filed 6 months after year end.  We can get it done with plenty of time to spare. Please review our Mission Statement.  It reflects who we are and what values we embrace:  integrity and reliability – a trusted advisor at a fair price.

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