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Discover The Top 5 HST Mistakes Auditors Find
     John D. McQuarrie

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Let Us Do the Talking – HST Audit Defense

The Biggest Mistakes Can be Made with the Stroke of a Pen or a Misspoken Word
(Even Before the Audit Commences)


Our company manages, advises and prepares you for an audit.  Your time is better spent doing what you do best – managing the business.

Do’s and Don’ts (and You Don’t Need the Stress!)

There are so many little things that can send an audit in the wrong direction.  Do you know your rights? How many years? Did you commit to something even before getting in touch with an advisor? What did you say?    Did you sign anything? Who has the authority to provide answers to the auditor? Are they binding?

Our Services

With your authorization, we take control of the audit, engage you as needed, interpret the results and facilitate its timely completion.

Experience Counts

We have been audited by every jurisdiction representing every tax we can think of.  The experience is invaluable.  We know what the auditor may be looking for even before he or she arrives. We prepare. We are organized. We are credible.  We speak their language and provide a level of comfort that the auditor then incorporates in to a plan that we insist is prepared in advance of receiving a request for any documents.

If there is an issue, then we deal with it so that it does not get out of hand.  We discuss the issue with you, strategize as to how to best mitigate the damage and make a proposal to the auditor.

Our fees?

If you have been through an audit previously, you know what we are saving you.

Our fees are save you time, money (tax), penalties and interest.

Why use John Douglas?

Our experience is invaluable.  We are professional and diplomatic but strong.  We know how the audit game is played and we abide by the rules.  Knowing the rule is an important starting point.  We have the technical knowledge to be able to challenge an auditor. We ask “why” a lot.  Why do you need that or what is your plan to …? We can expedite an audit or grind it to a halt depending on what the motives are of the auditor. It is difficult to teach that sort of strategy. Years of practical experienced applied in hundreds of audits is why we are well-suited to serve you best.

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